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A SAAS Based Institute App Builder Platform - EDUO

EDUO is a White Labelled Mobile Application Platform for Coaching, Institutes and Tutions to create and sell courses online with your “Brand Named App” on Just 48 Houres . Grow your institute and reach a diverse audience by selling online courses easily and also provide course to your regular students.

EDUO -Education Online


A SAAS Based Customer Management Tool - LeadStep CRM

Leadstep CRM is created with most precison and keeing in mind the brain of how sales people think, work & needs. So it will helpful for your any business to manage leads & eventually generate sales.


A SAAS Based Restaurant Management Software - RestroIT

We have developed a fully advanced and automated Restaurant management software - Restroit, a software with all features like billing, table booking, order count, inventory and other expense details, all can be operated with great with ease and make your business fast as possible.

EDUO -Education Online


School Management ERP Software - School Automate

We have developed a fully advanced jewellery management software - jewelit, A Modern School Management ERP Software Built for Schools planning to automate process through Software. School Automate ERP will help each department of school to operate with the best output possible.

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